We are accepting as young as four years old.

Learning materials will be given free of charge in a copied version.

No, there will not be any make up classes as lessons will continue the following meeting.

Every student is allowed to seek private consultation or session with our tutor if he or she is absent previously after the lesson in order to catch up what left behind.

Yes, certificate will be issued every six months or per semester after the students sitting for the exam.


Not necessary, but it will be very useful as it makes the learning process is getting easier.

We apologize for not being able to guarantee it.

We will only provide references or information on where and when will be the right places and timing to take the test.

Currently, we are not able to provide it.

All payments should be transferred to FUNS Language School which is BCA at the end of every month on the 30th/31st. Teachers should not receive cash from the parents or clients as we are encouraging cashless society.


Yes, our teachers will be able to do the teaching at your residence, so you don’t need to worry about the transport.

Please give us your preferred timing and we will try to accommodate it. However, if we cannot do it, we will inform you about the changes as this will need to suit our teachers’ teaching timetables.

Our teachers are mostly graduates from well – known local universities with bachelor’s degree with some teaching experiences in order to be the best educator for your child. On top of this, we also have teachers who are still pursuing their bachelor’s degree and these teachers are very passionate in teaching and delivering excellence learning experience as well.

Our teaching hour is minimum one hour.

All payments should be transferred to FUNS Language School which is BCA at the end of every month on the 30th/31st. Teachers should not receive cash from the parents or clients as we are encouraging cashless society.

Yes, you may change the days. However, please bear in mind that changing the days or dates need to inform our respective teachers one day before the lesson begins. If this has not been done, we will count it as one of the sessions. Another thing is please do not make frequent changes unless it is truly necessary.

Yes, you are most welcome to add the days. However, please always coordinate the time dan date with our teachers, at least a week before the following week when the extra days will be implemented

We advise every student to have at least twice meetings in a week, so that there will be distinct results through – out the learning process. Exception can be applied for young learners who are only 2 – 3 years old may need one meeting a week only.

Our teachers are utilizing the materials provided by the school as our aim is usually to improve their academic competence within the selected subject. On the other hand, we can also provide our own materials for the learning with varied prices depending on the subjects taken.

Yes, please let us know if you have a special request for the gender.

Yes, that’s possible. However, please let us know why would you want to change the teacher with an acceptable reason for sure. Nevertheless, we will always make sure to provide the most qualified teacher to avoid this inconvenience.


We will be expecting a minimum of 10 students for most of the programs. However, there are some programs offered can be organized with less than 10 students.

We usually follow the schedule set by the respective school.

All payments should be transferred to FUNS Language School which is BCA. Teachers or instructors should not receive cash as we are encouraging cashless society.


Definitely! Normally, we are offering lessons in general way or for business purpose.

We are recommending to have maximum ten participants for one session only for better learning atmosphere and positive outcome.

Yes, we will provide the tests to assess the participants after learning for some sessions and comprehensive report will be written to inform the progress of the training.

This can be done when there is a request for it in order to determine the right level for the participants. However, if the class is designed for the beginner; the firm may be able to sort the right participants by themselves.

We will recommend to take up just one language at one point of time with full concentration, so that it will not create any confusions in the near future for the learners.

Yes, we will be able to issue certificates upon passing the test for certain levels. Additional fees are applied for this request.

We will recommend to start with three months first with the option of extending the duration. Twice a week is highly recommended for the training with a minimum of one hour per session.

We will always emphasize on the oral skill as the fluency in communication is very important at this stage without abandoning the other aspects of writing, listening and reading.

Payment for this service has to be paid in advance before the commencement of the training.